About Us

Sekisui Products, LLC. is a division of Sekisui Chemical Corporation with offices in the United States.

We have Sekisui Products sales offices located in Dallas, TX and San Jose, CA. We also have representatives in the Metro Detroit area.

Sekisui Chemical Corporation is a global chemical company that manufactures and sells high performance plastics for use in the automotive, infrastructure, electronics, housing and medical fields. Seksui Chemical celebrated its 70th anniversary in March 2017. What started as humble beginnings for a single plastics manufacturing plant in Japan has now grown into a $12 billion global chemical and manufacturing company.

Sekisui expanded into the US in 1963 with the introduction of Sekisui Plastics as the first Japanese manufacturer in North America. Sekisui now has 11 individual divisions in the America’s serving our customers with the latest advancements in technology and superior quality and service.

Sekisui Products, LLC was founded in 2004 as a division of Sekisui Chemical. Sekisui Products imports pressure sensitive adhesives, foam tapes, protective films, and other high quality materials into the US from its state-of-the-art clean room in Japan. Sekisui Products’ offices are conveniently located in the heart of the automotive and technology worlds in Michigan and California. We value our close relationships with our customers and will always work to give you the best product and service for your specific needs.

Here at Sekisui, we focus on making environmentally friendly products that help protect our natural resources and promote sustainability in our world. Our corporate philosophy of the “3S principles” has given us a solid foundation and continues to inspire us each and every day. We serve our stakeholders by creating social, environmental, and economic value through responsible business practices. Most of our adhesive products are Low-VOC and have Low-odor, making them as clean as possible.

Sekisui Chemical is also proud to say we have been selected as one of the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World.

3S Principles: Service, Speed, Superiority.

Sekisui Products manufacturing facility in Japan is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

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